Monday, August 16, 2010

I Feel a Lot Better....

...after reading this -

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I still have 20 years to go to match him!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good News!

The '76 B is up and running again! See here -

So, while I still have some adjustments to make to the '76 (it's running a little ragged, but I need to use up the 3+ year-old gas that's in the car before I start tackling the rough running) I think I can start getting back to work on the '65. As I noted back in January, it's pretty much stripped but I need to get the remainder of the wiring harness and the brake lines off. So, I need to get it up on jackstands to get underneath, take a bunch of pictures and then start removing stuff again. Of course, before I can do that, I need to clear up some space around the car... It has kind of been the storage space for the last couple of years.....

Once I make a little progress I'll post some new pictures of the inside and underside.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

2009 Plans

Ok, going to make a dual entry here, since I want to discuss both the '76 B and the '65 B and the plans for this year.

'76 B Status -

I really need to get this car back on the road. With Rob now driving, once AJ comes home from school, we may have a car shortage this summer. Kathleen will be using the Audi for her job, which will leave the van for Rob if he needs to get to wherever he might be working... AJ will be using 'his' car, I guess, and I'm not sure that we can afford to buy somethng just for Rob - especially of the van is just sitting here. OTOH, we will need to watch the van's mileage carefully, as it's over where we should be right now and we have to turn it back in (unless we buy it) on December 1.

Ok, the last time we checked in, the '76 was not starting and the fuel pump was making a consistent, buzzing sound, versus the normal click-click-click every few seconds as it pumps fuel forward.... So, I need to do a flow test to see if it is actually pumping anything (the fuel filter did seem to be filled but...). I probably should check the fuses as well, as I wonder if something shorted out and the pump isn't getting enough power... If not, then I will replace the pump. It isn't actually an original unit anyways. Depending on the prices, I may get an original SU-style pump or just pick up something locally. A generic pump will work, if you get a pressure regular, to reduce the amount of pressure in the system.

Once the pump situation is clarified, the car should be good to go, as it did run a couple of times. Just need to do a little carb tuning, as it was idling pretty fast. But oil pressure was fine.

'65 B Status -

Once I get the '76 up and running (and driving!) then I will turn my attention seriously back to the '65. Right now, it is mostly stripped. The running gear, engine and transmission are still in the car. The wiring harness is still in the car. The brake lines are still on the car. That's about it for major items. So, I'll start by removing the wiring harness and brake lines. Then I'll pull the engine and transmission. I'll leave the suspension and steering rack on for now. Then I need to figure out the next steps. I guess that would be bodywork, so I need to see where I can get that done, or decide to see if I could do it myself (learn how to weld!).

I also need to start going back through some of the removed parts and looking at them for possible restoration. I have a spreadsheet that I am using to categorize them and keep track of which box they are in. I'd like to be able to start looking around for parts, if I need them. In general, I would rather restore/rebuild parts that came off this car as the first option, then buy a different used part and restore/rebuild that, before the third option of buying a new/reproduction part - which almost always tend to be of lesser quality than the originals. Of course, it's generally cheaper to restore/rebuild a part than replace it.... That's the plan, at least.

Now I just need some warmer weather in which to restart this work!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

'65 on Hiatus, '76 in for Engine Work

Well, the '76 B has been smoking like a fiend, and doing dry and wet compression tests indicates that there is a ring problem on cylinder #2. So, taking a short (hopefully) break on the '65 to pull the engine on the '76 and see what's what.

AJ and I started disconnecting and removing stuff last night. We drained the radiator and removed it, along with the radiator support. We also removed the carb and disconnected some hoses and cables. Have a few more to go under the hood, then will disconnect the motor mounts and move under the car to drain the engine and gearbox oil and disconnect the driveshaft. I'll need to rent an engine lift from somewhere.

Some pictures -

Starting point.....

Radiator removed....

Radiator support removed.....

Carb removed....

Ignition side (nothing done here yet)...

Friday, April 27, 2007

Removing Misc Items

Spent about an hour removing various items from the car tonight. I pulled off the transmission cover (which seems to be pretty banged up around the shift lever opening, for some reason) and some small parts in the engine compartment (secondary hood latch and some miscellaneous nuts and bolts). I also removed the engine mount bolts. I originally pulled off the nuts on the long bolts that go through the center of the rubber pads, but the engine didn't really seem to move much. So I ended up removing the other set, on the corners, and now the engine rocks a bit, so once I disconnect the drive shaft and remove the shift lever I assume I can lift it right out. Not sure when I am going to do that, I will probably wait until everything else is removed from the body - although there isn't really much left, mainly stuff underneath the body. I figure I will wait until the engine is out and maybe flip the body on it's side, to remove the brake and fuel lines from the bottom.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Back to Work!

Ok, after a long and cold winter (well, the latter half, at any rate) I'm reading to clean up the garage and get back to work on the project... Just have to move the snow shovels, left-over Scout popcorn and empty the junk out of the car and off my workbench......

The goal is to drive this car to MG2008, which will be held in Valley Forge, PA, the week of June 23, 2008. This is a pretty aggressive schedule and means that I need to get the bodywork done by later this year to have a shot. So we'll see. But having a goal is better than not, I guess.....

When I left off, I had removed the wiring harness from the body, and am probably ready to pull the engine and transmission out now. So, I think that will be the focus of my efforts as I restart this week-end.

I have a new camera so I'll post some pictures next week.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Request for Assistance by NJ Guys

Assemblyman John Burzichelli is sponsoring a bill (AB 3540) that would allow the owners of cars registered as historic vehicles in NJ (QQ plates) to drive their cars one day a week for any purpose, in addition to the current uses (driving to/from car shows, for educational purposes, etc.). Assemblyman Burzichelli actually owns antique firetrucks, so is a classic car enthusiast himself.

Please contact your local NJ legislators and urge them to support this bill!

Additional details:


Find your Legislator: