Monday, September 27, 2021

Project For Sale - Dayton NJ - SOLD


Well, I've come to the conclusion many years later that this project isn't going to happen under my watch after all. Seeing as I am planning on moving to Florida in a few years, I just don't see it happening. I need to get the Tesla into the garage, and between this and the '76B, this is the one to go.... So it's for sale. I'll be posting info and pics here, and you can read the back story in some of the other posts below. 

I'm asking $1500, which I think is a reasonable figure for a 99.9% complete, pull-handle steel dash car. It's also a relatively rare steel wheel car. All of the parts are catalogued in Excel spreadsheets and boxed with corresponding numbers on the boxes. All of the various nuts/bolts/fasteners are in Ziploc bags and marked. The parts I purchased new are in their original packaging. There are also some NOS parts as well as duplicates of a few items. For example, I have 8 of the dogdish wheel covers. I also have 2 additional engine blocks that go with the car, both 18GB blocks. 

There are a few items I do not have - the interior door cards were mildewed so they got tossed. The car has the removable 'packaway' hood - I have the frame but again, the original top was mildewed so it was tossed. There may be a few small connectors/wires/cables I don't have. There were some parts removed when I purchased the car. That's why I'm calling it 99.9% complete!

Below are some pictures of the parts that I have removed and new ones purchased. The last few pictures of the glass, grilles, bumpers, etc - I will have all of those parts available for viewing by interested parties - they are tightly packed in my basement and a bit of a pain to get to at the moment.

As you can see, the car does have tires on it - they are old but will hold air to be able to move it on and off a trailer.

I can be contacted at -

18G Engine (seized) with 3-synchro trans

Driver's side rocker rust

Driver's side rear fender

Pass Side rear fender

Pass side rocker rust

Boxes of parts, all marked and inventoried

Window regulators and pull handles

Hoses, fasteners, new parts

Generator, air cleaner

Carbs and intake manifold

Wipers, headlight trims

Pedal box, pedals

Horns, oil filter cannister and filter, fuel pump

Heater fan, heater core, defrosters, brake and clutch masters

Misc engine parts inc fan and heat shield, restored

Instruments (tach, speedo, fuel gauge, combo gauge, AM radio,
steering column cover

Engine pushrods

Defroster vents, hoses, heater cable, control knobs

Glovebox, interior bits and fasteners

Tailights - original and NOS, boot emblem

Front lights

Oil cooler, valve cover, heater valve, plug wires

Dog dish wheel covers (8)

Speaker console

Exhaust system

Radiator support

Another valve cover, gasket, dipstick, starter cover, hoses, new emblem


Misc items

Front wiring sub-harness

Trans tunnel cover, fuel pump, misc bits

Another valve cover!, heater box, misc hoses

Gas tank straps

Gas tank, radiator, packaway hood, brake lines

Seat mountings, misc bits

Misc bits

Extra wheel (5 total), exhaust manifold, brake drums

2 GB-series short blocks come with the car

Better grille than original, newer door top trims

Bumpers, quarter lights, side windows

Restored wheel with leather cover (there is one on car as well)

Original grille


Seats recovered with black leather/red piping as per original

Here are some better pictures of the body - the rust sports, as well as a few underneath shots.

Surface rust along the trim line on driver's side

Driver's side front fender

Driver's side rocker (front)

Driver's side rocker (rear)

Driver's side rear fender

Passenger's side rear fender

Passenger's side rocker (front)

Passenger's side rocker (rear)

Battery cover area

Passenger's side floor replaced at some point by a PO

Driver's side floor

Rear driver's side spring mount

Rear axle

Passenger's side rear spring (note: gas tank is removed)

Front shackle mount, driver's side

Underside from in front of driver's side rear tire

Underside looking forward from driver's side

Here are a bunch of pics I took over the years -

Finally, here is a link to a bunch of detailed parts pics (some duplicates).